Monday, October 8, 2012

This, I must try.


Why, hello there! This is Diana. I'm an Ecuadorian girl starting a new blog. I follow bloggers around the world to peek into their different stories and the beauty in their lives. Here I would like to share bits and pieces of mine. I love coming up with looks to express myself. I mix and match vintage and hand-made, together with made-for-me garments and one-of-a-kind accessories. You won't see me wearing the stuff most people are wearing. Not two people are the same so I think you ought to express yourself in your own way. My style I'd say is boho meets gypset with an indie spirit. I'm a big fan of hats, specially the ones of my own brand, METIER ;) My bff is with me at all times, her name is Chihiro Maria, we also call her Chi-Cha (add jazzy hands). My love for her is so immense that I am usually carrying her around in her own Peace&Love bag. This was a Sunday morning in the historic downtown in Quito, a World Cultural Heritage Site. I love paying attention to the little details that make it all relevant and Quito is full of them. I'm also a good traveler so keep an eye out for some upcoming posts in mind-blasting places. I'll keep it short so there you have it. And remember, Sharing is Caring <3   
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